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Fuji Electric, Alpha 5 series servo system

Alpha 5 is the next generation servo system for ever-evolving machines. This servo system is produced with 3 main concepts: High Value, High Performance and High Usability by having the fastest working cycle time with 6000rpm maximum speed motors, frequency response of 1500Hz and 18 bits absolute information.

  • Easy PTP Positioning: Position function is embedded as standard in general-purpose interface unit (VV type)
  • Simple Connection: General purpose communication servo
  • All kinds of general-purpose PLC, controller, or HMI (POD) applicable with Modbus-RTU can be connected to ALPHA5
  • High Performance: High-speed, high-precision positioning
  • Frequency response 1500 Hz
  • Max motor speed 6000 r / min
  • High-resolution encoder
  • 18-bit ABS/INC 262,144 pulses
  • 20-bit INC 1,048,576 pulses

Technical Information and Features

Fuji Electric, Alpha 5 series servo system

Positioning function is embedded as standard in general purpose interface unit "ALPHA5 VV". As the ALPHA5 VV type is the standard model, external positioning unit or dedicated items for positioning are not required.


Following operations are enabled by one unit:
- Positioning via Modbus-RTU communications (immidiate value data)
- Positioning via Di/Do signal (positioning data 15 points*)
- Controlling positions, speeds and torques via pulse/analog input


Simple connection with Fuji Electric Alpha 5 series Modbus-RTU communications

Operations such as PTP positioning operation, parameter edit, and various monitoring are enabled. All you need to do is connect HMI (POD), general-purpose PLC, or PC controller directly to servo amplifier via Modbus-RTU communications.

Simple connection with Fuji Electric Alpha 5 series Modbus-RTU communications

Compatibility with SX bus: VS type and LS type.

Sophisticated motion control system that has synchronizationand interpolation controls can be configured easily.

Fast and accurate positioning is realized.
- New high speed servo control engine.
Frequency response 1500Hz.
- Increased motor rotation speed.
Max. rotation speed 6000r/min.
- Fine resolution encoder.
18-bit absolute 262,144 pulses.
20-bit incremental 1,048,576 pulses.

Fuji Electric Alpha 5 series compatibility with SX bus: VS type and LS type.

High performance frequency response (1500Hz), high rotation speed (6000r/min) and high resolution encoder reduce the cycle time and make faster and more accurate positioning and settling possible.

New control functions.
- New notch filter (auto notch filter).
The notch filter is set automatically upon detection of mechanical resonance. Because detection and calculation are always conducted while the auto notch filter remains turned on, resonance frequencies changing by time are effectively filtered.

- Homing by hit-to-stop.
Wire saving can be achieved with elimination of the limit switch and over travel signal. Moreover, several homing functions allows homing program creation to be simplified only by combining the servo parameters. Creating complicated program of homing in the host controller is no more necessary.
- Motor stop method setting is enabled.
Alarm occurrence.
Main power supply is OFF.
Servo ON signal is OFF.
Selection among rapid deceleration stop, DB stop, and coast-to-stop is enabled under the above conditions. Since limiting output torque at desired value is possible even if rapid deceleration stops is selected, impact shock to the machine can be reduced.