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Process controllers, FRC temperature transmitter

The FRC is a programmable 2-wire temperature transmitter suitable for head or field mounting.
It accepts signal from 13 types of thermocouple, RTD, DC mV, V inputs and provides a highly linear 4-20mA output.


- Universal input: mV, V, T/C and RTD
- High accuracy
- HART® communication
- Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof approval : CE marking and Atex
- Explosion-proof housing
- Sensor burnout
- Wide variety of thermocouple types
- Programming via hand-held communicator or PC
- Self diagnostics
- Input-output isolated
- Stainless steel housing (option)

Fuji Electric points of caution and COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION.

The following are general precautions when using this unit. The safety features and precautions specific to the hazardous locations are explained in “Safe Installation Manual” for each certification.

- Use a stable power source. The FRC restarts with a power interruption for longer than 1 millisecond.

- The model FRC0 is for indoor use.
- When heavy dust or metal particles are present in the air, install the unit inside an outdoor enclosure.
- Environmental (non-hazardous location) temperature must be within -40 to +85°C (-40 to 185°F) in order to ensure adequate life span and operation.
- For installing the FRC0 in an environment with a high relative humidity exceeding 0 to 95% RH or in a condensing atmosphere, install the unit inside an outdoor enclosure.
- Do not install the unit where it is subjected to continuous vibration. Do not subject the unit to physical impact.
- For use in a hazardous location, be sure that the environmental temperature is within the temperature class required for the area.

- Do not install cables (input and output) close to noise sources (relay drive cable, high frequency line, etc.).
- Do not bind the unit’s cables together with cables where high noise levels are present. Do not install them in the same duct.

AND ....
- The unit is designed to function as soon as power is supplied, however, a warm up for 10 minutes is required for satisfying complete performance described in the data sheet.

Fuji Electric points of caution and COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION.