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Process controllers, PUM series

Многоканальные контроллеры тампературы 

PUM series can be used not only for temperature measurement but also for process measurement such as pressure and flow rate thanks to 200-msec high-speed data sampling. Thanks to its high-speed communication 230.4-kbps, the system runs smoothly, without having to be concerned about the time required for data transmission.

The different PUM Series modules allow an adaptation for every kind of installation, with a lot of functions: PID control (including fuzzy PID control), dual PID control (heating, cooling) and coordinated PLC operation control.

The modules structure is conceived so as to ease the mounting and the maintenance of the system. The terminal attachable/detachable significantly reduces wiring work.


PUM A/B - Control Module 

Controlled channels : 4 ch (PUMA), 2 ch (PUMB)
Type of input signals : Thermocouple / Resistance bulb, Current / Voltage
Control operation function : PID control, PID heating / cooling control, 8 types parameter setting
Control out type : Relay output, SSR drive output, current output 4-20 mA DC
Communication function : RS-485, Modbus RTU, 115.2 kbps
Loader communication port : RS-232C, accuracy ±0,3% FS
Sampling interval : 200 msec
Power supply : 24 V CC (±10%)
CT input exclusive for heater breack detection : 8 points (additional spec.)
PUM E – Event I/O module 

Number of input points : 8 (4 common x 2 blocks),
Type of input signal : voltage contact input, common for sink and source (bidirectionnal,
Number of output points : 8 (4 common x 2 blocks),
Output type : Relay output, Transistor open collector (sink output),
Input read interval (minimum pulse width) : 200 msec
Power supply : 24 V DC (±10%)
PUM V – Analog I/O module 

Input : 4 points
Input type : Thermocouple / Resistance bulb, Voltage / Current
Output : 4 points
Output type : current output : 4-20 mA DC
Accuracy : ±0,3% FS
Sampling interval : 200 msec
Power supply : 24 V DC (±10%)
Analog input module

Input: 4 points
Input type: thermocouple/ Resistance bulb, Voltage / Current
Accuracy: ±0,3% FS
Sampling cycle: 200 ms
Power supply: 24 V DC ±10%
PUM T – Analog output module 

Output : 4 points
Type of output : current output : 4-20 mA DC
Accuracy : ±0,3% FS
Power supply : 24 V DC (±10%)
Communication module

Communication: RS-485(MODBUS)/CC-Link/PROFIBUS
Power supply: 24 V DC ±10%
PLC module

Connection: RS-485 (1 port), PIO extension module with cable
Memory: 16K program steps
Programming language: LD (~ 200 commands)
Command speed: up to 0,38 µс.
I/O points: 300 with calendar function
Digital input/output: 7/7 
Power supply: 24 V DC ±10%