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Process controllers, PXH series


PXH9 is a 96 × 96 mm, high-performance digital controller that assures high-speed and high-accuracy control. With its abundant and flexible input/output points and powerful math function, it can be used for a wide range of applications, including not only temperature control but also process control of pressure, flow rate, etc.


  • High Speed control-50ms Input sampling
  • Motorized Valve control (Position feed back/Servo control)
  • Dual PID Controller (Heat/Cool controller)
  • High Accurcy-0.1%
  • Extensive number of I/O points
  • Enhanced Math Functions
  • Totalize Function
  • RS-485 Modbus Communications and Transmitter Power Supply options available
"Application Templates" are pre-installed:
  • PID
  • PID + SV select
  • PID + Mathematical Module
  • PID + SV select + Mathematical Module
  • Heat/Cool control
  • Heat/Cool control with SV select
  • Totalization
  • Positioning feedback control
  • Servo control



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