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Fuji Electric Process controllers

PAS series
Process controllers PAS series
PAS3 is an on/off temperature alarm unit which inputs signals from a thermocouple or thermistor sensor and transmits a relay contact output when an input signal reaches the preset alarm level. This thermostat is most suited for overheat detection in machines, equipments, etc.
FD5000 series
Digital panel meters FD3000, FD6000, FD9000, FXE, FXEI, FXE-B & FXEI-B
FD5000 is a highly-modular 1/8 DIN panel meter with up to 19 different field-replaceable input boards. No need to stock a variety of panel meters — simply install the appropriate input board for each process.
PXR series
Process controllers PXR series
PXR series is simple to use and cost saving microcontroller available in 5 sizes. PXR series has 0.5 sec input sampling and control cycle and it is mainly used for temperature control.
PXG series
Process controllers PXG series
PXG series is more functional microcontroller with universal input available in 3 sizes. PXG series has 0.2 sec sampling cycle and 0.3% accuracy.
PXG WINE series
Process controllers PXG WINE series
PXG Wine is temperature controller uniquely suited to the demands of the winemaking industry. Based upon Fuji Electric’s popular PXG model, the PXG Wine features exacting standards for temperature control and the ability to regulate oxygenation, the Fuji Electric PXG Wine is a smart, cost-effective way to control the critical functions of winemaking.
PXH series
Process controllers PXH series
PXH9 is universal multifunctional controller with high speed control (50 ms), high accuracy (0.1%) and easy configuration with pre-installed application templates.
PUM series
Process controllers PUM series
PUM series is multi-loop module controller. The different PUM Series modules allow an adaptation for every kind of installation, with a lot of functions: PID control (including fuzzy PID control), dual PID control (heating, cooling) and coordinated PLC operation control.
Static relays
Static relays
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Thyristor Power Controller
Thyristor Power Controller
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FRC series
Process controllers FRC series
FRC series is field-mounted 2-wire universal temperature transmitter with HART® communication and intrinsically safe/explosion-proof housing. It is used for external indication of temperature and HART® communication.
Temperature sensor - PT100
Temperature sensor - PT100
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Fuji Electric, Process controllers

The digital temperature controller that incorporates a wealth of control functions plays a significant role in several fields. This controller features fuzzy control that can withstand the adverse effects of overshoot and external disturbances. This makes it the controller best suited to severe temperature control conditions. In addition to providing a waterproof structure, this controller offers you a broad selection of sizes, thereby allowing you to select the size best suited to your area of application.
Thanks to the experience acquired in the field of process control and thanks to a perfect expertise of the most recent technologies, the engineers of Fuji Electric have designed one of the most complete controllers series available on the market. The equipment of a special machine, the control and drive of an industrial oven, and the control of a 3-element boiler are a few examples of all the applications that can be realized.