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DOLD Safety mat modules SAFEMASTER

Safety mat modules SAFEMASTER
Safety mat modules from DOLD to secure large hazardous areas and to serve as access controls to machines. These safety devices immediately stop hazardous movements when triggered by an actuating force, such as when a person steps on them, by issuing a control command that is conducted via the DOLD evaluation module. The safety mat modules are in accordance with safety category 4 / PL e as per DIN EN ISO 13849. Their functionality is continuously monitored and can be individually adjusted to the areas to be protected.
Type Function Cat. / PL acc. to EN 13849-1 * SIL CL acc. to EN 62061 * 1- / 2- channel Output contacts, max. Nominal voltage DC Thermal current Ith [A] max. Removable terminals Width  [mm]
BG 5925/910 Safety mat module 4 / e 3 2 2 NO, 1 NC or  3 NO + 5 PS 22.5
NO = normally open contact; NC = normally closed contac
* Please check state of approval of idividual devices in the latest data sheet.
Technical Information and Features

DOLD safety mat switch gear.

- According to 1) Performance Level (PL) e and category 4 to EN ISO 13849-1 2) SIL Claimed Level (SIL CL) 3 to IEC/EN 62061 3) Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 to IEC/EN 61508
- Safety-mat switch gear with manual or automatic restart
- can also be used for safety edges
- Output: max. 3 NO contacts
- Line fault detection on On-button
- Manual restart or automatic restart when connecting the supply voltage, switch S2
- LED indicator for state of operation
- Indicator for status of switching element
- LED indicator for channel 1 and 2
- Removable terminal strips
- Wire connection: also 2 x 1,5 mm2 stranded ferruled (isolated), DIN 46 228-1/-2/-3/-4 or 2 x 2,5 mm2 stranded ferruled DIN 46 228-1/-2/-3/-4
- Width 22,5 mm.
DOLD safety mat switch gear.

DOLD safety mat modules applications.

Protection of people and machines:
- Emergency stop circuits on machines
- Monitoring of safety gates
- Switch gear for lightbars
- Switch gear for safety mats and safety edges

DOLD safety mat modules characteristics.

DOLD safety mat modules characteristics.