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Fuji Electric, Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Inductive electromagnetic flowmeters are best suitable for flow measurements of fluids with electrical conductivity from 5 μS/cm (20 μS/cm for demineralized water). This flowmeters range offers high accuracy. Results measurement are independant of density, temperature and pressure. The operating principle of the electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday’s law of magnetic induction: The voltage induced across any conductor, as it moves at right angles through a magnetic field, is proportional to the velocity of that conductor. The voltage induced within the fluid is measured by two diametrically opposed internally mounted electrodes. The induced signal voltage is proportional to the product of the magnetic flux density, the distance between the electrodes and the average flow velocity of the fluid. Fuji Electric offers 2 electromagnetic measurement solutions for all your liquids flow management : MAGFLO flowmeters and MAGNETOFLOW flowmeters.
Fuji Electric MAGFLO flowmeters and MAGNETOFLOW flowmeters
- Available for pipe diameters from 6 to 2000 mm
- Compact mounting (converter mounted on the measuring tube) or remote
- Several internal coatings of the measuring tube (PTFE, hard rubber, rubber) and several types of electrodes (AISI 316 Ti, Hastelloy CTM and Platinum) are available
- Version to use on hazardous area (M3000/M4000)
- Stand-alone version (M5000) with battery power (up to 12 years of autonomy)
- Extended communication options (HARTTM, PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUSTM, M-Bus, Ethernet etc.)

Fuji Electric autonomous water flow and pressure measurement.

Enable flow and pressure measurements in remote reading, sectorization, leak detection or dynamic pressure management applications in drinking water distribution networks. Monitor water consumption on drinking water, irrigation, watering or fire safety networks in hard-to-reach areas without power supply.

Solution used.
- Electromagnetic flowmeter M5000
- Wireless data logger LOG V3
- Gauge pressure transducer GR
Fuji Electric autonomous water flow and pressure measurement.
Battery power supply (up to 12 years of autonomy). Possibility of using battery operation as a backup to an external power supply (poor quality network, solar power supply, etc.) with automatic switching. No pressure drop and therefore no pressure drop in the network. ACS (drinking water) and MID MI-001 (cold water invoicing) compliance. Local recording of up to 500,000 measurements. Integrated GSM/GPRS/3G communication.

Monitoring of drinking water network flows and pressures, sectorization, leak detection, remote reading, monitoring of irrigation, watering and fire network consumption.
Fuji Electric autonomous water flow and pressure measurement.

Fuji Electric electromagnetic flowmeter specifications.

Fuji Electric electromagnetic flowmeter specifications.

Monitoring and management in real-time of your data

Web Interface to supervise all your data, manage your clients accounts, export data in detailed reports.
- Easy and user-friendly interface.
3 sections allow you to manage your data : Summary, History and Alarm. This data is visible on the map, table and object.
- Device configuration.
3 sections allow you to manage your data: Summary, History and Alarm. This data is visible on the map, table and object.
- Export.
Customizable CSV exports to Excel, by group, from date to date. Automated export of HTTP request available.
- Access to protected data.
Secure HTTPS connection, 128-bit encryption.
- Account management.
Monitor all your sensors, manage your accounts and the different sites through a simple and quick tree structure.
- Graphiques multi-axes et multi-courbes.
The interface allows data from different sensors and/or sites to be compared.