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DOLD Latching-, Interface- and Switching relays

DOLD Latching-, Interface- and Switching relays
The DOLD toggle, coupling and switch relays are the first choice for all interface applications in demanding control systems. They connect the highly sensitive logic level of the SPS, a shelf system or process computer with the raw operation of the power levels of a machine. Installation and maintenance of the relays can be conducted in a time-saving manner with the snap-on plug-in sockets on the top-hat rail. Your additional benefit: They are not sensitive to over-current and/or overloads and are significantly less expensive that semiconductors with medium to low switching frequency.
Type Function Number of systems Output contacts, max. Initiator triggering Suppressor circuit on the  coil input Breaking  current Ith max. [A] Housing style:  Width (of the socket if  applicable) [mm]
MK 8852 Latching relay 1 2 C/O

6 Switch cabinet: 22.5
AD 8851 Latching relay 1 4 NO, 4 NC

8 Switch cabinet: 45
UG 8851 Latching relay 1 4 NO, 4 NC
+ 6 Switch cabinet: 22.5
BA 7632 Stepping relay
3 NO
+ 10 Switch cabinet: 45
IG 3051 Interface relay / input-output 1 1 NO

3 Distribution board: 9
ML 3045 Interface relay / input-output 1 1 C/O

5 Switch cabinet: 22.5
CA 3056 Interface relay / input-output 1 1 NO, 1 NC + + 5 Switch cabinet: 11.5
CB 3056 Interface relay / input-output 1 1 C/O, 2 NO + + 5 Switch cabinet: 11.5
CC 3056 Interface relay / input-output 1 2 C/O + + 5 Switch cabinet: 11.5
MK 8804N Interface relay / input-output 1 4 C/O + + 5 Distribution board: 17.5 Switch cabinet: 17.5
IK 3076,
SK 3076
Interface relay / input-output 1 2 C/O + + 10 Distribution board: 17.5
IK 8802 Interface relay / input-output 1 2 C/O

10 Distribution board: 17.5
IK 8701 Interface relay / input-output 1 2 C/O + + 16 Distribution board: 17.5
IL 8701 Interface relay / input-output 1 3 C/O + + 16 Distribution board: 35
IN 8701 Interface relay / input-output 1 4 C/O + + 16 Distribution board: 52.5
IK 3070,
I_ 3070
Interface relay / input-output Interface relay system optionally with semiconductor output 1 - 8 for 2 C/O + + 8 Distribution board: 17.5; 140
ML 3059 Interface relay 1 2 C/O +
5 Switch cabinet: 22.5
CB 3057 Output switching relay system 1 1 C/O +
5 Switch cabinet: 11.5
IP 3070/022,
SP 3070/022
Output switching relay system with service button 4 for 1 C/O
+ 10 Distribution board: 70 Switch cabinet: 70
OA 5672 Relay for plug-type socket 1 1 C/O + + 10 PCB relay fitting to: HC 3093 plug-type sockets  ET 1415.041/ .044/ .047: 15.8 Function module ET 1415.911/ .912
OA 5682 Relay for plug-type socket 1 1 C/O
+ 10
OA 5668 Relay for plug-type socket 1 2 C/O + + 5
OB 5694 Latching relay for  plug-type socket 1 1 C/O + + 16
HC 3093 Interface relay pluggable 1 2 C/O

UG 3076/007 Interface relay 1 6 C/O

2,5 Switch cabinet: 22.5
Coil voltages partly possible up to 240 V AC/DC
NO = normally open contact, NC= normally closed contact, C/O = change-over contact
Following product are also available: MK 8804
Technical Information and Features

Printed circuit board relays from DOLD.

DOLD PCB relays. Your solution provider.
DOLD is a family company based in the Black Forest town of Furtwangen and with over 80 years of experience, traditionally stands for "Made in Germany" quality. DOLD is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of PCB relays and offers suitable electro-mechanical relays for a multitude of application fields. The comprehensive product portfolio encompasses miniature relays, PCB relays and safety relays with forcibly guided contacts. As a specialist in PCB relays, we stand for quality and reliability from a single source. In order to meet the highest quality requirements, we rely on high production depth, the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment and the combination of experience and knowledge. Our PCB relays are available in a great variety of different contact variants and construction forms and guarantee the highest switching safety with minimal dimensions. DOLD relays are used throughout the world. They have the task of switching loads and galvanically separating electrical circuits. Classical applications, particularly for relays with mechanical forcibly guided contacts, are in the monitoring of emergency stop switches, safety doors or light barriers, for example. They are also essential in railway signalling equipment, in the controllers for passenger and goods elevators as well as in medical equipment. Wherever people and machines must be protected from injury and damage - DOLD relays are in use.

Certified safety. Made in the Black Forest.
The expert knowledge of our personnel, the high level of production depth as well as the most modern production and testing systems are the prerequisites to be able to manufacture robust, reliable and high quality relays.
Printed circuit board relays from DOLD.
Individual, customer-specific safety relays.
Partially equipped contact sets for increased insulation values, mixed contact equipping with single and double contacts as well as different contact materials for the loads to be switched require only a few minor adjustments for us to adapt our relays to individual, customer-specific requirements. As a pioneer and technology leader for safety relays with forcibly guided contacts, PCB relays and miniature relays, we offer our customers technically advanced solutions for the secure switching of electrical power with minimal dimensions.
Features that distinguish DOLD relays:
- Galvanic separation between control and load circuits
- Switching of loads up to 16 A with low nominal drive power 
- Up to 8 contacts in one contact set 
- Low contact transfer resistance 
- Increased insulation values through partially equipped contact sets 
- Energy efficiency through sensitive relays or bistable switching behaviour 
- Smallest dimensions 
- Suitable relay sockets for quick component replacement.

DOLD safety relays with forcibly guided contacts.

Safety relays, i.e. relays with mechanically forcibly guided contacts per DIN EN 61810-3, are used wherever people, machines and valuable goods must be protected from injury and damage. One such relay comprises at least one NC contact set and one NO contact set and is constructed such that the NC set and the NO set can never be closed at the same time. For example, if a NO contact fails when trying to open, the associated NC contact cannot close when the power supply is switched off. This behaviour enables simple diagnostics and fault detection when monitoring the forcibly guided feedback contacts. Relays with forcibly guided contacts are differentiated into two separate types. Type A describes relays where all contacts are mechanically linked to one another. Type B refers to relays with contacts that are linked to one another mechanically and contacts that are linked to one another in a non-mechanical manner. DOLD safety relays are available in vertical and horizontal designs and offer up to 8 mechanically forcibly guided contacts. With different construction forms, contact materials and also with partially equipped contact sets if required, we offer you maximum flexibility. Types OA 5601, OA 5602 and OA 5603 with 4, 6 or 8 contacts are rated for max. continuous currents up to 10 A. It is also possible to choose between single contacts and double contacts for challenging tasks with the OA 5621 and OA 5622 relays.

Relays with mechanically forcibly guided contacts are used in safety relay modules or controllers amongst other things. The simplicity in the use of safety relays makes them the ideal component for detecting faults due to the forced driving of NC and NO contacts without the need for complex circuitry. In these safety relevant applications, particular attention is paid to the compact form alongside the high degree of switching security. At just 10.3  mm height, the extremely flat relay family OA 5642, OA 5643 and OA 5644 with 2, 3 or 4 contacts takes account of the desire for components to be ever smaller and more compact. In doing so, the limits of the miniaturisation of electro-mechanical relays are determined primarily by the necessary clearance and creepage distances. DOLD safety relays are known for their robustness and reliability and at the same time are extremely energy efficient. The sensitive design of the OA 5643 relay with three contacts exhibits a nominal power of just 330 mW.
DOLD safety relays with forcibly guided contacts.
Sockets for PCB mounting are available for almost all safety relays. These enable the safety relays to be quickly replaced during preventative maintenance. In addition, sockets are also available for DIN rail mounting.
Typical areas of application are: 
- Railway equipment 
- Lift controllers 
- Combustion technology 
- Automation and process technology 
- Medical equipment 
- Materials handling.

DOLD PCB relays overview.

PCB relays, also known as plug-in/print relays, are used for galvanic separation of circuits as well as for signal adaptation and signal strengthening. Our vertical and horizontal designs enable optimum adaptation to your application. Whilst the contacts of the monostable PCB relays return to their original switch position after the excitation power is switched off, with bistable relays OB 5693, OB 5694 and OB 5623 the switching position is retained after the excitation power is switched off. Energy is thus required only briefly to change the switching position. Because the bistable relays require only a fraction of the energy required by monostable solutions, they are the preferred choice in energy-efficient and battery-powered systems. The characteristic of retaining the switching position in the event of the power supply failing, is essential in certain applications. The bistable relay OB 5623 with its 8 mechanical forcibly guided contacts was developed especially for these applications, which are found for example in railway and signal technology. The relay is available with a manual activation option. It also stands out for its good vibration and shock resistance. DOLD relays are suitable for inserting into relay sockets or for soldering into PCBs. The combination of plug-in sockets and relays enables rapid replacement during maintenance or in the event of a service call. DOLD PCB relays, with max. continuous currents up to 16 A, are available with one or two contacts, in different installation heights and with different contact materials.
Typical areas of application are: 
- Building automation 
- Installation technology 
- Energy technology 
- Remote switching 
- Staircase timers.

DOLD miniature relays overview.

If it is necessary to switch heavy currents reliably in a small space and galvanic separation of control and load circuits is also required, there is no better answer than the compact miniature power relays available in SMD (Surface Mount Device) form and in DIL (Dual In-Line) form. With the smallest of dimensions, at around 20 mm long and 10 mm wide, they can be inserted into conventional 16-pole ICsockets. The OW 5691 and OW 5699 relays also have an installation height of just 12.15 mm and can fit almost any situation. The distinguishing features of the wash-tight miniature relays known by the DILAIS brand, are their high switching power, the large operating voltage range and their reliability. All miniature relays can be selected as NO design or with changeover contacts. A great variety of different technologies, contact materials and contact equipping prove their strengths in diverse applications. Thus the monostable miniature OA 5690 power relays are always used wherever there are high requirements on galvanic separation between control circuits and load circuits. Clearance and creepage distances ≥ 8 mm between coil and contacts as well as low coupling capacitance make this relay the ideal component. The miniature OB 5690 bistable power relays, which retain their switching position after the excitation power is removed or after a power supply failure, are particularly well suited to use in energy-efficient and battery-powered circuitry. Only a short control pulse is required to change the switching position. With the remanence relay OR 5691, the contacts remain in the working position after a current pulse by using the existing residual magnetism (remanence) until a reduced pulse is applied in the opposite current flow direction. As a result, this relay is also used if the self-heating of the coil and the energy consumption have to be reduced to a minimum.
DOLD miniature relays overview.
Typical areas of application are: 
- Automation and process technology 
- Measurement and monitoring technology 
- Installation and energy technology