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Fuji Electric, Ultrasonic flow meters for air – FWD

Excellent anti-bubble excellent anti-bubble performance and compact size transmitter.
- Excellent anti-bubble performance: Adoption of advanced ABM (anti-bubble measurement method).
- Optimal compact size transmitter to be installed to mechanical equipment: Dimensions 140(H) x 130 (W) x 69 (D)mm, mass: 0.8 kg compact transmitter.
- High-speed response with digital signal process: High speed calculation processing with 0.2 seconds.
- Easy installation: Clamp-on type sensor: Easy installation to existing pipe.
- Easy operation: Capable of operating a setting with front keypad and making a setting by PC.
- Communication function (option): Management of measurement data by PC through RS-485 (MODOBUS).
- Hardly affected by pressure and temperature of the measured fluid.

Greatly developed anti-bubble performance by Fuji Electric.

Anti-bubble performance is greatly developed due to adoption of advanced ABM (anti-bubble measurement method). 10 times greater than existing type.

Measuring principle:
With ultrasonic pulses propagated diagonally between the upstream and downstream sensors mounted on the exterior of the pipe, the flow rate is measured by detecting the time difference caused by the flow.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter for air by Fuji Electric

- No projections inside pipe—no pressure loss
- Abundant applicable pipe diameters
- Tolerant to oil mist—no need for filter such as mist separator

Ultrasonic Flowmeter for air by Fuji Electric

Ultrasonic Flowmeter by Fuji Electric is ideal for proper management for compressor.

- Abundant applicable pipe diameters.
Applicable pipe diameter 25mm up to 200mm.
- No energy loss due to no pressure loss.
Measurement principle is ultrasonic method. There is no pressure loss without protrusion in the pipe.
- No need of filter such as mist separator thanks to FWD has high resistance to oil mist.
Accurate flow rate measurement including oil mist. Strong durable and reliable to use.
- No need of power source installation work by means of battery driven.
Lithium-battery build-in type (approx. 10 years operating) is provided without painful wiring work of the power.
- NORMAL conversion function is provided as standard.
Converted amount of used air ,temperature and pressure into normal status are displayed.
- Capable of forward/reverse measurement and output.

Fuji Electric application examples.

Capable of detecting the air leakage.
When compressor is operated with closing valve, at the place where flow rate is measured air leakage occurres.
Fuji Electric application examples.

Connecting to Multi Measurement Unit allows visualization furthermore and saving energy.
Multi Measurement Unit (FeMIEL) is capable of monitoring a power consumption and fl ow rate simultaneously, additionally, communicating PC through Ethernet.
Multi Measurement Unit (FeMIEL): This unit is applicable to multi measurement using PT,CT, Pulse, Analog and Contact input. Build-in Memory can store one year volume of data (when every 5 min. measurement cycle) Compact size with front dimension 96 x 48mm.
Fuji Electric application examples

Available to comprehend the used amount of air for each building, floor, line in the factory.
Fuji Electric application examples.