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Fuji Electric, Pressure transmitters for nuclear applications

As a partner for French and international energy suppliers, operators, constructors, installers, engineering offices and research institutes, Fuji Electric France develops unique expertise, proven by complete command of qualification maintenance, production and control processes. Fuji Electric France pressure transmitters are K3-A/1E and K3-AD/1E qualified and are designed for applications which require earthquake and radiation qualification under normal conditions. Fuji Electric mission is to offer safety, innovation and top performance pressure transmitters with high reliability, accuracy and long terms stability to nuclear operators, EPC and Sub Contractors along with fast delivery time and close customers support. Fuji Electric pressure transmitters are deployed in Nuclear power plants and Nuclear Research Centre over the world.

In order to meet our customers’ safety requirements, Fuji Electric France is committed to a strict quality process dedicated to the nuclear industry, at all levels of our industrial organisation:
- Personnel skills qualification and management
- Procurement and third party supplier traceability
- Manufacturing process control
- Documentation
- Customer technical support
- QN100/QN200/QN300
- RCC-E 2007
- RCC-E 2012
- HAF604
- ISO 9001 v.2008
- ISO 14001

K3-A/1E classified pressure transmitters are installed on levels REP900 MW, 1300 MW , N4 and third-generation EPR

Pressure transmitters in line with the nuclear safety requirements and offering high accuracy for a growing number of applications

Pressure transmitters are K3-A/1E and K3-AD/1E qualified for earthquake and radiation according to RCCE. They cover a large scope of application like pressure measurement in HVAC system or pressure monitoring in diesel systems, turbine, water treatment, cooling system, or reactor building. Fuji Electric range of remote seals pressure transmitters are designed for measuring flow and level on corrosive fluids such as sea water (thank to specific coatings such as Duplex or Hastelloy C).

Analog pressure transmitters compatible with new EPR design and experimental reactors

Its latest analog pressure transmitters are specifically dedicated to the new EPR design or new experimental reactor like ITER and RJH. They are designed without smart devices and can be installed in harsher environments in all nuclear power plants (radiation, seismic and high temperatures). They are suitable for application with radiation under accidental conditions.
Non classified or “K3-AD category” classified or no classified digital or analog remote seal(s) pressure transmitter (relative or differential pressure).
"Seismic and radiation classified’’ smart or analog pressure transmitter and level applications (gauge or differential pressure) with remote seals. K3-a/1E and K3-ad/1E qualified.
ANALOG TRANSMITTER : 50 kGray (transmitter, capillary and remote seal)
SMART TRANSMITTER : 50 Gray (transmitter), 50 kGray (capillary and remote seal).

‘’Seismic and radiation classified version’’, smart and analog pressure transmitter (absolute, gauge or differential pressure). K3-a/1E and K3-ad/1E qualified.

A complete instrumentation portfolio for your staff safety and security

Fuji Electric is also offering a complete instrumentation portfolio including flow primary elements, ultrasonic flowmeters, levels meters, gas analysers and a wide range of radiation monitoring devices to ensure safety and security of your staff. Fuji Electric has a large experience for installing such instrumentation solutions in Reliance power plants.

Fuji Electronic Personal Dosimeters are used to monitor and record the levels of exposure of nuclear plant workers to radiation.

The NSN3 survey meter is lightweight, reliable and robust for neutron measurement needs and keep your technicians safety.