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Fuji Electric, Gas metering

The industrial sector represents 20% of the French energy consumption of which 36% is gas. Chemical, pharmaceutical, agro-food, mechanical, automotive, raw materials, environment etc. all this industries use fuels such as gas in their manufacturing processes. Collecte, analyse and exploite accurate data on consumption and then select and implement relevant performance indicators can generate between 15 and 30% of earnings.

Applications and advantages of Fuji Electric gas metering.

- Production of warm or hot water in boilers
- Gas as fuel for steam production 
- Steam circuit optimization
- Pressure drops reduction

Fuji Electric turbine meter for gas metering applications.

The TRZ 03 turbine meter is a flow meter suitable for gas measurement in compliance with EN 12261 and OIML, where the rate of flow is indicated by a mechanical totalizer in units of volume (cubic meters at flowing conditions) under prevailing pressure and temperature. The gas flow is constricted to a definite cross section and drives a coaxially mounted turbine wheel. The speed of the turbine wheel, which is proportional to the flow rate, is reduced by gearing and transmitted to the mechanical digital index.
Fuji Electric turbine meter for gas metering applications.
- Natural gas, non-aggressive and manufactured gases
- Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and propane
- Other gases upon request - specific design for non-aggressive gases are available.

- Integrating flow meter with a special counter indicating flowing gas volumes at prevailing pressure and temperature (m³ at measurement conditions)
- High measuring accuracy
- Gas may flow horizontally or vertically
- Optionally with mechanical drive shaft
- TRZ 03E without mechanical counter – with electronic connection for computers
- DIN/DVGW-certified – PTB-approved- MID.

Fuji Electric V-Cone flowmeter with differential pressure transmitter.

V-Cone differential pressure flowmeter is a process control and multifluid meter that provides accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solutions. Designed to work in unprocessed and processed applications, the V-Cone flowmeter is ideal for upstream, midstream and downstream applications that present a wide range of measurement challenges. The V-Cone flowmeter strengthens capability to provide the best solution for any measurement situation.
Fuji Electric V-Cone flowmeter with differential pressure transmitter.

Measurement principle.

When a cross sectional area of a closed conduit (or pipe) is reduced by a diametric change or by the use of a differential producer element, the velocity of fluids passing through the conduit are increased across the boundary change area (continuity equation). Pressure decreases (Bernoulli equation) and a differential pressure is generated across the reduction or producer. While this principle is used by other differential pressure flow meters, The V-Cone flowmeter generates a differential pressure by creating an area of reduction using a cone-shaped flow element located on the center line of a pipe section as opposed to a reduced diameter pipe wall or orifice.

- Repeatability
- Accuracy
- Perfect for for difficult measurement conditions
- Space savings and weight reduction
- Low maintenance cost.

- Oil & Gas Downstream
- Gas processing - Butane - O2 - CO2 - Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
- Oil & Gas Upstream and Midstream
- Wastewater
- Municipal water