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Fuji Electric, Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer - ZAJ

- Fast response within 2 seconds 
- Tolerant to interference from other gas (H2, CO2, etc.) 
- Suppressed ranges available (e.g. 21–100%O2) 
- No moving parts—low maintenance 
- Automatic calibration, communication (option)

Fuji Electric PARAMAGNETIC OXYGEN ANALYZER measurement principle.

When the sample gas is placed in a magnetic field, oxygen molecules will be attracted. This gives rise to a pressure, which is detected by a mass flow sensor. Fuji Electric PARAMAGNETIC OXYGEN ANALYZER measurement principle.


- Non-contact detector with long-term superior stability.
The auxiliary gas is constantly drawn into the detector to prevent the detector from contacting with sample gas. This keeps the analyzer from contamination or corrosive gas, and thus ensuring its long-term stability.
- Highly sensitive mass flow sensor enables low concentration measurement.
The highly sensitive mass flow sensor is capable of O2 measurement with minimum range of 0 to 1 vol%.
- Fast response: 90% response within 2 seconds.
The thin measuring cell in which sample gas flows so quickly enables fast measurement of O2 concentration. 
- Long-life detector with no moving parts.
Free from maintenance work because the detector has no moving parts. It also features vibration-proof and impact resistant structure thanks to optimized flow channel. The sample cell is made of SUS304 which has high corrosion resistance.
- Interference compensation function (optional).
Interference from other gas which has magnetic characteristics can be corrected. Interference compensation is performed by measuring concentration of coexisting gas and inputing it as 1-5V DC signal.