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DOLD Multifunctional motor control units MINISTART

DOLD Multifunctional motor control units MINISTART
The multifunctional motor control devices from DOLD in the MINISTART family offer a combination of functions for motor control such as revering or soft start with monitoring functions such as the effective power or current monitoring. The ready-to-use devices with optimized parameters such as heat sink size, EMC, heat dissipation, et cetera are easy to use. Benefits such as low material costs, fast device connection and reduced space and wiring needs are on the plus side of these intelligent devices. In addition, they often prevent the need for a frequency converter.
Type Function Load current, 3 pole [A] Load voltage,  3 AC up to [V] Digital triggering DC [V] Temperature monitoring Signalling output Width [mm]
UG 9256 Smart Motorstarter 9 400 24 + + 22.5
Technical Information and Features

DOLD smart motorstarter UG 9256 - with motor protection function.

Sophisticated drive tasks require powerful and flexible device solutions. The smart motorstarter UG 9256 of the MINISTART series from DOLD with load monitoring for motors up to 4 kW combines up to six functions in a space saving compact enclosure with only 22,5 mm width. Besides the reversal function our smart motorstarter also offers a soft start / soft stop function, a current monitoring as well as a motor protection function and a galvanic separation by an all pole disconnection when motor is switched off. Due to the integrated motor protection function separate motor protection switches are not necessary. A power protection switch takes over the wire- and short circuit protection of the whole system. An internal relay provides galvanic isolation of the power outputs. While the semiconductor control provides a soft motor start, the direction reversal takes place through relay switching. The hybrid relay thus combines the advantages of rugged relay technology with non-wearing semiconductor technology. The user benefits from a significantly longer device service life and improved reliability. The integrated current monitoring protection enhances the system availability even further.

Your advantages:
- Up to six functions in one device: reversing clockwise / anticlockwise, soft start, current monitoring or motor protection, galvanic separation, soft stop
- Space saving in switching cabinet due to a width of only 22,5 mm
- Simple and time-saving commissioning as well as user-friendly operation, optionally with motor protection
- Robust power semiconductors up to 1500 V
- Increased system availability through over current protection
- Higher life time by hybrid building
- Energy saving by fast over current protection.
DOLD smart motorstarter UG 9256 - with motor protection function.
- Reversing drives for door and gate controls, bridge drives and lifting gear with current monitoring
- Conveyor equipment with current monitoring
- Positioning drives in process engineering (chemistry and petrochemicals) with current monitoring
- Point drives
- Helms ... and for all applications with sophisticated motor control processes.

Technical features:
- For the reversal of 3-phase motors up to 3 AC 480 V / 9 A, corresponds to 4 kW at 400 V
- Currentless reversal with relay, softstart with thyristors
- 2-phase softstart
- Integrated short-circuiting contacts
- 3 potentiometers to set the starting torque, softstart time and overcurrent limit
- 4 LEDs as status indicator
- Reset button internal and external