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Fuji Electric, Multi-function PID controller - PSC series

- Highly visible color graphic LCD
- IP 55 front panel
- Intuitive touch panel operation

- 2 universal input
- DC current (including 2 wire transmitter)
- Thermocouple
- Potentiometer
- RTD (PT100, JPt 100...)
- 4 DC input (1-5V)
- 5 discrete/pulse input
- 1 high speed pulse input (with sensor excitation)

- 2 DC current (4-20 mA)
- 2 DC voltage (1-5V)
- 5 relay or photo MOS contact
- 1 RUN relay contact.

Powerful engineering tools to help you explore the full capability of the controllers.

Intuitive touch panel operation.

Fuji Electric PSC series applications.

Chemical injection control.
The SC100 controls two flow loops for water and injected chemical. the chemical flow is controlled in a constant ratio against the water flow. Other signals from pH and conductivity analyzers can be monitored at once.
Fuji Electric PSC series applications.
Reactor temperator control.
The reactor temperature control loop is connected in cascade to the hot water control loop in the hot water tank. The secondary loop controller controls the valves for hot water and steam.