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Fuji Electric, Modular analysis system for on-board continuous emissions monitoring

Monitoring exhaust gas emissions is crucial to demonstrating compliance with MARPOL Annex VI regulations on sulphur emissions. Additionally, an EU regulation* required shipowners and operators to submit a monitoring plan for CO2 emissions by 31 August 2017. For the maritime industry, continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) are growing in frequency: that is in line with prescriptive IMO guidelines** on exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS).

IMO NOx Technical Code 100% compliant.
- Continuous measurement : NOx, CO, CO2, SO2, SO2/CO2, HC - Options : Dusts, O2
- Emissions Reporting Software - Up to 6 funnels monitored
- Propulsion Efficiency Monitor (PEM)
- Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)
- CaPex & OpEx balance
- Included : S-Keeper 7™ Synoptic, S-Keeper 7™ Calculations, Fuji Multigas Analyzer, Fuji Nox Converter
- Type approved by : DNV GL, LLYOD Register, RINA Rules, Class NK
- According to : MARPOL-IMO, EU Regulations


S-K7™ Overview of Available Features.
- According to MARPOL Annex VI Reg.13 & MEPC 177(58), 184(59)
> calculation of NOx g/kWh vs Tier I, Tier II, Tier III limits
> monthly NOx compliance test report
- According to MARPOL Annex VI Reg.14 & MEPC 177(58), 184(59)
> calculation SO2/CO2 ratio
> calculation of Fuel Oil Sulphur content (% wt/wt) vs Reg.14 limits
- According to MEPC 177(58), 184(59) HC total Hydrocarbons load (ppm or g/kWh) is measured
- Reports according to ISO 14001 of totalized mass NOx / SOx / CO2 emissions (kg/tonne)
- Reports according to MEPC Circ. 471 of CO2 Emission Index (gCO2 / tonne n.m.)
- Combustion Efficiency monitoring by CO2/(CO2+CO) ratio
- Types EASY-N, LITE-N, LITE designed for LNG powered units
- O2 (%) & Particulate (mg/m3 or g/kWh) analysis as additional options
- Multiple stack management

With complementary marine type approved equipment for increased efficiency.

- ZPA Gas Analyzer : Simultaneous and accurate measurement of up to 5 gas components among CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, O2
- ZFK7 02 Zirconium Analyzer : Extremely robust Zirconium Oxyde O2 Analyzer Linked to ZPA multigas Analyzer
- ZDL Nox Converter : Very high efficiency NOx converter 220°C controlled temperature for best selectivity
- FCX AII V5 Series Pressure Transmitters : The FCX AII V5 family with both aluminium and SS316 housings is simply the-state-of-the-art in pressure sensing for heavy-duty service.

With complementary marine type approved equipment for increased efficiency.