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Fuji Electric HMI panels

V8 series
HMI V8 series
Revolutionary features for production sites: 8-way communication and 16-million colors high-resolution video display. As well as V8 series have the same panel cutouts as V7 series, the V7 screen program can be utilized in V8 series. A multi-feature model with the ultimate operator interface panel.
V7 series
HMI V7 series
Comes in variety of models including large-size (15-inch XGA) and small-size (5.7-inch). A versatile and high-ranking series that can be widely used ranging from the net working to stand-alone.
V6 series
HMI V6 series
Has all of the basic functions. Entry-level models that will satisfy your needs in superior usability and cost-effectiveness.
HMI Software
V-SFT is configuration software which allows to create screen program and user's interface. Multiple windows give you immediate access to all the data you need.
TELLUS enables system monitoring and operation while away from the production site, and V-Server allows you to collect data and issue instructions frome a remote location.
Fuji Electric, HMI Panels

Hakko Electronics is a world leading manufacturer of graphical operator interface products ranging from 5.7” up to 15”. Hakko Electronics is the subdivision of Fuji Electric Group and produces operator panels (HMI) from the year 1963.