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Fuji Electric, Flue gas humidity meter - DELTA O2

Differential wet-dry O2 measurement system. All-in-one system : one single flange mounted on the stack. It measures wet O2, dry O2 and H2O (en option) concentrations. Perfect for combustion control of biomass boilers industrial boilers, district heating.

This system is composed of:
- ZFK8 zirconia sensors
- ZKM converters
- FE Guide Tubes (in-situ version)
- Fuji PLC (option)
- Also available as extractive version (sampling probe + sampling line + compact remote cabinet).
- Adaptability.
Only one flange on only on side of the stack. Perfect for very dusty applications : Optional pack purge of guide tube, specially designed dust and tar filter.
- Competition.
Lower cost than laser solutions.

Fuji Electric is energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly.

Fuji’s zirconia oxygen gas analyzers are widely used; not only in industries of high energy consumption, such as steel, power, petroleum/petrochemicals, ceramics, paper/pulp, food, and textile industries, but also in various combustion facilities, such as garbage incinerators and medium-tosmall sized boilers, as combustion controllers, achieving a significant energy-saving effect. The oxygen concentration control ensures complete combustion, thus reducing CO2, SOx, and NOx emissions and helping prevent global warming and air pollution.

   Fuji Electric is energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly.

High safety level.

- Detecting a break of the thermocouple for heater control in the sensor unit, the analyzer stops the power supply to the detector.
- The power supply to the detector may also be stopped by external contact input in an emergency.
- The key lock function prevents operational errors.