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DOLD CANopen I/O mudules

DOLD CANopen I/O mudules
The CANopen input and output modules (CANopen I/O modules) from DOLD are peripheral components of the CANopen SPS. With DOLD, you get the central components of the control system for machines and systems from a single source. Both analogue and digital bus modules are available for the field bus system CANopen. Thanks to their compact size, they are simply to install in a space-saving manner in installation distributors. Potential-free relay outputs ensure an interference-free operation.
Type Function Number of  inputs / outputs Relay output Thermal current  lth [A] Housing style:  Width [mm]
IP 5502 Input module, digital 8 l

Distribution board : 70
IL 5508 Input module, analogue 2 I

Distribution board : 35
IP 5503 Output module, digital 8 O R 2 Distribution board : 70
IL 5507 Output module, analogue 2 O

Distribution board : 35
IN 5509 In- / Output module, digital 4 l, 4 O R 2 Distribution board : 52.5
Technical Information and Features

Analogue input module for DOLD CANopen IL 5508.

The analog input module IL 5508 collects signals of a control circuit from limit switches, push buttons, sensors etc. The module is used in industrial control circuits and building automation.
Analogue input module for DOLD CANopen IL 5508.
- According to IEC/EN 61 131-2 
- CANopen interface according to DS301 version 3.0, DS401 
- 2 analogue inputs with each 2 x 0 ... 10 V, 2 x 0 ... 20 mA or 2 x Pt 100 (- 50 ... 300°C) 
- Galvanic separation between inputs, bus and auxiliary supply 
- LED indicators for supply voltage and Bus status 
- 35 mm width.

DOLD MINIMASTER output module for CANopen IP 5503.

- According to IEC/EN 61 131-2, IEC/EN 50 178 
- CANopen interface according to DS301 version 3.0 (Plug and Play selectable), as option with galvanic separation
- 8 relay outputs 
- LED indicators for supply voltage, Bus status and state of contact 
- 70 mm width.
DOLD MINIMASTER output module for CANopen IP 5503.
CANopen operation.
With switch in position "CANopen" the CAN bus runs the CANopen protocol. The configuration is made with the programming software PN 5501 in conjunction with minimaster IL 5504 / IN 5504 or e.g. with ProCANopen. The corresponding configuration file on CD can be ordered under order no. PN 5501, article no. 0052860.
Plug and Play operation.
With switch in position "Plug and Play" the CANopen bus runs a variant fo the CANopen protocol and allows only to operate Dold modules that have this feature. If a system is configured in Plug and Play operation, it can be altered to CANopen at any time.
Address setting in Plug and Play mode.
To allow the input module to communicate via CAN bus with a corresponding device, the address has to be adjusted on the 2 rotational switches on the front see below: The addresses 1 ... 49 and 51 ... 99 can be chosen. In Plug and Play mode the addresses 0 and 50 do not exist.