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EMERGENCY STOP MODULE BN5930.48 AC48V 50/60HZ (0042020)


The BN 5930.48 is used to interrupt a safety circuit in a safe way. It can be used to protect people and machines in applications with e-stop buttons and safety gates.


Protection of persons and machines
  • Emergency-stop circuits on machines
  • Monitoring safety gates

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Dold
Series: BN 5930.48
Type: BN5930.48 AC48V 50/60HZ
Article number: 0042020
Sales Price: € 512,00

Contacts: 3 NO contacts, 1 NC contact
Nominal voltage: AC 48 V 50/60 Hz
Approvals and Markings: TÜV
Variant: -
Common technical specifications BN 5930.48
Width: 100 mm
Cat. / PL acc. to EN ISO 13849-1: 4/e
SIL CL acc. to IEC/EN 62061: 3
Nominal voltage: AC, DC
Thermal current Ith max.: 5 A
1- / 2-channel: 1, 2
Connection: Pluggable screw terminals
Output contacts max.: 1 NC contact, 3 NO contacts