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The VARIBOX emergency-stop Minibox is a electromechanical switchgear serving to protect persons working with machinery or close to it. It is used to stop or switch off machinery and equipments in order to avert impending or minimise existing dangers to persons or damages on machines /material.


The following (inter)national statutory provisions apply to installation, commissioning and regular technical inspections:
  • Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Low-Voltage Directive 2006/95/EG
  • Safety Regulations as well as
  • Regulations of the Accident Prevention / Safety Rules
Manufacturers and operators of machines using E-stops or emergency switch-off devices should retain the responsibility for the adherence of these instructions as well as for compliance with the relevant Safety Regulations and Rules.


Datasheet NI 5061

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Dold
Series: NI 5061
Type: NI5061.06
Article number: 0065346
Sales Price: € 130,00
Contacts: 2 NC contacts. forced opening
Variant: Emergency stop with 2 NC contacts (forced opening)
Common technical specifications NI 5061
Width: 42 mm
Thermal current Ith max.:: 4 A
Output contacts max.: 1 NO contact, 2 NC contacts