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EMERGENCY STOP MONITOR BL5922.08/012 DC24V (0052432)


To monitor max. 16 single-channel e-stop buttons or 8 2-channel e-stop buttons.


  • Indication of the status of e-stop buttons in an e-stop chain. We recommend to use the BH 5922 together with DOLD E-stop modules (approval).


Datasheet BL 5922

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Dold
Series: BL 5922
Type: BL5922.08/012 DC24V
Article number: 0052432
Sales Price: € 557,00

Nominal voltage: DC 24 V
Connection facilities: Dual-channel for 8 emergency stop buttons
Variant: CANopen interface not galvanic separated. Connection e-stop buttons 2-channel, 1-channel monitoring
Common technical specifications BL 5922
Width: 90 mm
Nominal voltage: DC
1- / 2-channel: 1, 2
Inputs max.: 16