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Dold enabling / control unit RE 6909

Machinery and plant are subject to specific situations and operating modes in which work must be carried out in the danger zone. Usually for maintenance, servicing, commissioning or setup. In order to be able to work safely in these situations of increased risk, additional safety measures are required.

Enabling / control unit RE 6909

The enabling / control unit RE 6909 of the SAFEMASTER series from DOLD is the right choice for these applications. In setup mode, the operator has the option of bridging certain safety devices such as a safety gate, by selecting the required operating mode. The three-step enabling switch function is an important feature here, in the middle position the enabling device releases the use of certain dangerous movements in conjunction with additional machine control safety precautions. If the operator releases the device switch or pulls it through, the safety control system switches off in safe manner. The ergonomic design of the RE 6909 ensures effortless operation and its modular design allows for several additional functions, such as a stop command device, key switch and further function buttons. The robust handheld pendant complies with IP65 requirements for use in rough environmental conditions.

With this new enabling / command unit we are expanding on our product range of wireless safety enabling switches for the safety-related transmission of emergency stop and control functions, with a low-cost cable linked version.

Customer benefits:

  • Safe working in hazardous areas
  • Ergonomic design and effortless operation
  • Versatile, expandable and usable
  • Safety during setup, operation or maintenance of machinery and plant
  • Highlights:

  • Modular design
  • 3-step enabling switch
  • Integrated emergency-stop button
  • Versatile command functions
  • Additional function buttons can be added for control functions
  • Robust IP 65 enclosure
  • Universal mounting
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