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Launch of New FRENIC-AQUA series

Dear Partners and Customers:

We’re glad to inform you about the launch of New FRENIC-AQUA series.

FRENIC-AQUA is launched to reach customer satisfaction when working in Compressor, Pump,
and Water Treatment applications where specific inverter performance is needed.

The existing new and upgraded functions position FRENIC-AQUA series at the top level of
inverters for pump, compressor and water treatment markets.

Main new features are:

  • Able to drive Induction motor with torque vector control.
  • Wide capacity range: from 0.75 to 710 kW.
  • Overload capability: 110%, during 1min.
  • DCR built-in until 90 kW (included). EMC filter built-in for all capacity range.
  • Same dimensions for IP 21 & IP55 until 90 kW (included).
  • Keypad: Large LCD, 19 languages + user’s customizable.
  • Customizable Logic (14 steps PLC function) using digital and analog inputs.
  • Standard Fieldbuses: Mod Bus RTU, Metasys N2 and Bac Net.
  • Optional Fieldbuses: PROFIBUS-DP, CC-Link, LONWORKS, Device Net and Ethernet.
  • Real time clock as standard (RTC).
  • Several new and upgraded functions for Pump & Compressor applications.
  • New and upgraded functions for the energy saving applications.
  • Fuji Electric Europe GmbH December Page 2of 2 16th, 2011

    Target applications (Market segmentation):
  • Pump, Compressor and Water Treatment applications that demand following features:
    - Book style Inverter (Until 90 kW).
    - Built-in EMC filter for all capacities.
    - EMC filter and DC Reactor built-in (Until 90 kW).
    - IP55 (Until 90 kW).
  • Pump and compressor applications that demand functions like these:
    - Multi pump controls.
    - Slow flow rate.
    - Dry pump detection.
    - Deceleration time for check valve protection.
    - Boost Function.
    - Small/Big Volume of water stopping.
    - High-Frequency operation detection.
    - Customized logic.
    - PID control.

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