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Fuji Electric, Flowmeters Portaflow-С series

 Portaflow-C.jpg PORTAFLOW-C is a portable type ultrasonic flowmeter utilizing the transit time measuring method, using clamp-on type detector. It is a compact and lightweight instrument incorporating the latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies, realizing high perfomance and easy operation.

According the used sensor, it is possible to measure a flow in a metallic or plastic tube of diameter from 13 to 6000mm. It can measure bi-directional flow speeds from -32 to +32 m/s. The accuracy of measure is ± 1% of flow full scale and response time is within 1 second. To adapt itself to every types of flow measurement of liquid, the PORTAFLOW-C is equipped with an algorithm of compensation of the temperature and pressure variations by measure of the speed of sound. An anti-bubble algorithm (ABM) allows maintaining the measurement in spite of a perturbed environment (bubbles or particles in suspension in the liquid). External mounting of sensors allows easy installation without pipe drilling nor cutting and flow cut off, easy maintenance (no moving parts), no pressure loss, no risk of leakage and no internal corrosion of sensors (no contact with fluid).

A large LCD graphic screen, a set of pop-up menus and a reduced number of keys make of this device a simple, powerful and friendly tool very appreciated by every person wishing to do a punctual measure of flow.

SD card_Portaflow.jpg In addition to the display of flow and totalization, the PORTAFLOW-C™ also offers functions of data logging (stored in a SD memory card), of graphic display of the measured value and of the resultant sound wave, and the storage in memory of 1 to 20 configurations.

Heat quantity measurement function calculates the heat quantity received and sent with liquid (water) in cooling and heating. Two 4-20mA inputs are available for temperature measurements. The consumed heat quantity can be displayed and saved on the SD memory card.

Application Uniform liquid in which ultrasonic waves can  propagate Water, hot-water, distilled water, alcohol, milk, ethanol, etc
Inner pipe diameter 13mm to φ6000mm (depending on the detector)
Fluid temperature -40 to +200°C (depending on the detector)
Flow velocity range 0 to ±32m/s (±0.3m/s min.)
>±1.0% of rate(depending on the flow velocity)
Response time 1 sec.
Path Transit time method (1 Path)
Display Color graphic LCD with back light
Analog output signal 4 to 20mA DC (1 point)
Analog input signal 4 to 20mA DC / 1 to 5V DC (2 points)
Supply voltage Built-in battery (In the fully charged condition, 12
hours of continuous operation is possible.)
SD memory
It can be saved almost a year date by attached date
standards (256MB)
Transmission data (data stored in a SD memory card such as
instantaneous value, total value, etc)
• USB port is used
• Transmission distance: 3 m max.
Function • Damping time constant variable within 0 to 100 sec
• Instantaneous value display (10 digits) Various flow rate unitsettable
• Total value display (10 digits) Various flow rate unit settable
• Consumed heat quantity computation
• Self diagnosis (diagnoses battery voltage drop and received waveform from the sensor)
• Flash memory (measurement parameter for pipe, fluid, sensor, etc)
• A number of registered sites: 32
• Zero point adjustment (Set zero/Clear available)
• Bi-directional flow measurement
• Low flow cut (0 to 5m/s)
Option With printer: Display hard copy, periodic printing and logged data printing
Flow velocity profile (Pulse Doppler method): Displays flow velocity profile of instantaneous value and average value
Structure Waterproof (IP64)
Size 210x120x65mm (without printer)
Weight Approx. 1kg