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Fuji Electric, Flowmeters Time DELTA C series

Image_US_fixe.jpg This ultrasonic fixed type flowmeter consist of two sensors clamped on the pipe. ) and of a digital converter, remote mounted. The converter and the sensors have IP66 protection. In option, The sensor are available with IP68 protection.

According to the used sensors, it is possible to measure a flow in metallic or plastic tube of diameter from 13 to 6000mm.

It can measure bi-directional flow speeds from -32 to +32 m/s. The accuracy of measure is ± 1% of flow full scale and response time is within 0.2 second. To adapt itself to every types of flow measurement of liquid, the PORTAFLOW-C is equipped with an algorithm of compensation of the temperature and pressure variations by measure of the speed of sound. An anti-bubble algorithm (ABM) allows maintaining the measurement in spite of a perturbed environment (bubbles or particles in suspension in the liquid).

The external mounting of sensors allows easy installation without pipe drilling nor cutting and flow cut off, easy maintenance (no moving parts), no pressure loss, no risk of leakage and no internal corrosion of sensors (no contact with fluid). A display and an integrated keyboard allow the user to configure and to check all the settings. In addition to the 4-20 mA output, these flowmeters are equipped with a totalization function, an automatic range change, 2 alarms, 2 configurable contact outputs and relay output.





Examples of application

1. Paint flow rate measuring system
The flow rate of thick paint is measured by a detector mounted on the pipe already constructed.

2. Pump flow rate measuring and controlling system with energy-saving effect
A detector is attached to the already constructed pipe to measure the flow rate at the pump outlet, and a regulator is used to implement inverter control of the pump.

3. SA system for measuring heat transfer and efficiency 4. Flow rate measurement in a water purifying system for semi-conductors
Heat is transferred by water flow in the process of HVAC loop.
Advantages of using an ultrasonic flowmeter for the system.