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Fuji Electric, Gas analyzers Oxygen Analyzer

This oxygen analyzer is used to continuously measure oxygen concentration in combustion exhaust gas of industrial boilers or furnaces, and is ideally suited for combustion management and control. The analyzer system is comprised of the detector and converter coupled together as a complete system. Detector setting configuration includes the detector flow guide tube and detector sensor. The flow guide tube is inserted directly into the gas and directs gas to the sensor for measurement. The converter (ZKM) is comprised of the signal processor, input/ output and communications, display and system controls. The converter is equipped with advanced functionality such as performing the sensor diagnostics and sensor recovery function, so the detector can be used within long term stability.

Converters (transmitters):

ZKM1 (IP66) ZKM2 (IP67)



ZFK8 with flow guide tube

ZTA (up to 1500 ° С)



Purpose: continuous measurement oxygen concentration in combustion exhaust gas
Measuring method: directly insert type zirconia system
Measuring range: 0 to 2 ··· setting range at option 2 in 50
vol% O2
(in 1 vol% O2 steps)
Repeatability: within ±0.5%FS
Linearity: within ±2%FS
Response time: within 4 to 7 sec, for 90% (from calibration gas inlet)
Warmup time: more than 10 min
Analog output: 4 to 20mA DC (allowable load resistance less than 500W) or 0 to 1V DC (output resistance more than 100W)
Contact input signals: 3points (External hold, Calculation reset, Heater OFF, Blow down (option), Inhibition of calibration, Calibration start, Range change); ON; 0 V (10mA or less), OFF; 5V
Power supply: rated voltage: 100 to 120V AC (operating voltage 90 to 132V AC), 200 to 240V AC (operating voltage 190 to 264V AC)
rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Communication: RS232C or RS485 (MODBUS)
Display: 4 digits
Метод калибровки: auto, manual
Mounting method: on panel or on pipe
Cable length (betwenn detector and converter): up to 100 m max.