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Projector Quick Connection

Projector Quick Connection is an application that projects images, documents and web pages from an iPad™ or iPhone® through a Hitachi LCD projector, by transferring them over a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi). The application also allows users to control the projector via their iOS devices.

Remote control of the projector
You can use an iPad or iPhone to easily control the projector, enabling you to deliver smooth presentations.

Project images, documents and web pages
Project images
The Projector Quick Connection App imports images from your iPad or iPhone camera roll and projects them through a Hitachi LCD projector.

Project documents
You can project a variety of documents through a Hitachi projector. There are multiple methods available to add files to the Projector Quick Connection App. Add files from iTunes®, Dropbox® or Evernote®. You can also import an email attachment file. Documents can be automatically downloaded from and uploaded to iCloud.

Project websites
You can project websites through a Hitachi projector. You can also save bookmarks of frequently visited websites and easily open these sites when needed.

You can select a slideshow from ‘Options’ while projecting images and view the slideshow of the selected images.

Display mode
You can split the screen into 4 parts and simultaneously project up to 4 iPads and computers from the Display Mode in the Projector Quick Connection ‘Options’ setting tab.

iCloud setting
Files saved in the Projector Quick Connection ‘Document’ folder are automatically uploaded to iCloud. The same data can be viewed from other iPads or iPhones using the same iCloud account.

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