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Fuji Electric, HMI Software


V-SFT is configuration software which allows to create screen program and user's interface. Multiple windows give you immediate access to all the data you need.

Tellus & V-Server

TELLUS enables system monitoring and operation while away from the production site, and V-Server allows you to collect data and issue instructions frome a remote location. Simply by installing and connecting your HMI to Ethernet, you can gain access to high-level networks in the office and the production site. Wherever you are in the country or in the world, the Internet connection provides real time access to your systems, enabling fast and cost-effective monitoring and troubleshooting. The ability to remotely monitor and interact with the production line improves the overall efficiency of manufacturing process, and provides tangible economic benefits.


Features of TELLUS and V-Server:
  • Monitoring and operating on-site HMI and PLC units using a PC
  • No need to create dedicated application data for TELLUS & V-Server; the V7 screen can be reused
  • Effective for monitoring and operating multiple units
  • Access from remote locations via the Internet
  • Cost-effective
Features of V-Server:
  • Collecting PLC data and saving it in files
  • Saving V7 logging data in files
  • Managing and transfering recipe data
  • Alarm monitoring and sending warning by e-mail
  • Data management by PC applications with DDE function
  • Transferring V7 screen data via Ethernet