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Process controllers, PXG WINE temperature controller

Контроллер температуры

Fuji Electric, in consultation with leading oenologists, has developed a precise temperature controller, the PXG Wine, uniquely suited to the demands of the winemaking industry. Based upon Fuji Electric’s popular PXG model, the PXG Wine features exacting standards for temperature control and the ability to regulate oxygenation, the Fuji Electric PXG Wine is a smart, cost-effective way to control the critical functions of winemaking.

Grapes to glass, the process of crafting fine wines is dependant upon maintaining precise control over temperatures during critical junctures. At every moment in the process of winemaking, there is an optimal temperature that must be maintained to control the biological and chemical processes involved with winemaking. Accurate control of these temperatures contributes to the improvement in the final character and quality of the wine. Simply put, maintaining optimal temperatures during the process of vinification influences :

  • Development of the flavors of the grape
  • Clarification of musts and wines
  • Optimal development then inhibition of yeasts and bacteria
  • Extraction of the pellicle compounds; tannins and anthocyanins
  • Optimization of oxydo-reduction and etherification
  • Blooming of the olfactive and gustatory characters of the wine


  • 48x48mm or 48x96mm Format
  • Input PT100 0/150°C
  • Two relay outputs (heat/cool)
  • 24V AC/DC or 85-240Vac power supply
  • One relay output (remounting/pumping over)
  • One relay output (oxygenation)
  • On/off or PID control
  • 1/8 DIN
  • Optional Modbus communication for a SCADA link
  • Three logical inputs could be added as a option to allow the activation of different modes (oxygenation, remounting, heat, cool) by external contacts